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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use IRIS?

Anyone who needs to contact multiple people simultaneously. These include:

  • School Administrators
  • Government Officials
  • Building Managers
  • Utility Companies

Do I need a special computer, network connection, or dedicated phone line?

None of these are needed for you to utilize IRIS.

What is needed to use IRIS?

To use IRIS you simply need an internet enabled device, or a telephone to call the IRIS 24/7/365 call center.

Do I need special software?

No, although we do recommend an up-to-date Internet Browser. For example:

Does IRIS reside on my server?


Do message recipients need any special hardware or software?

No. IRIS sends your message(s) to standard phones, cell phones, Internet-connected PCs, fax machines, VoIP devices, and much more.

How do I register contact information for those on my notificaiton database?

The easiest method is to upload your data in an approved format, CSV or Excel.

Additionally, we offer a robust API, application programming interface, for you to directly connect to IRIS.

How does IRIS provide data privacy & security?

All personal data and IRIS operations adhere to industry recommended security standards.

Where does IRIS store my data?

Your IRIS data is stored in multiple secure and redundant servers.

How do I make changes to my database and contact information?

Individuals or your administrators can update contact list and address information with password protection either online or telephone.

Is there a risk of losing my database?

IRIS stores your database on redundant servers. If one goes down, the other are always ready to take over operations and preserve your files.

What if an IRIS server fails?

All data is stored on multiple servers, your data is protected from loss.